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Auto-scaling with JumpCloud (tag server at start up)

If your organization was created after Tuesday, April 11 2017, the gem will no longer work to set tags.  See the API documentation for automating system provisioning/deprovisioning.

Autoscaling with JumpCloud consists of two things:
  1. Installing the JumpCloud agent at start time. That includes setting the tags of which the server is a part, and potentially setting a host name in JumpCloud to more easily identify the server.
  2. Choosing whether to delete the server when the instance is terminated, or leave it in JumpCloud for auditing purposes.


Setting Tags/Server Name

Next, the easiest way to set the server tags and server name is via our JumpCloud Ruby Gem, at . Alternatively, you can just install it from the normal repo with:
gem install jumpcloud

Removing the Server from JumpCloud

Leaving the Server in JumpCloud

If you choose to leave the server as is, there's nothing to do here, and you can manually delete the server at your leisure through the JumpCloud UI.

Deleting the Server upon Termination

JumpCloud recommends creating an init.d script that does nothing at start, but calls the JumpCloud system-context API at shutdown, to DELETE the server object (DELETE /api/systems/:id).

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2017 03:58PM MST

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