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Backing up and Restoring Your Tags

JumpCloud offers a utility as part of its Go SDK that allows you to backup your tags periodically, and then restore to any version of a tag that you like.

Building the Tool
For instructions on how to build the tool on Linux, OS X, or Windows, please see:​

Simply replace "examples/CSVImporter" with "examples/BackupRestoreTags".

Finding your JumpCloud API Key
To use the tag backup and restore tool, you'll need to be a JumpCloud Administrator, and to obtain your API key. For information on how to do that, please see:

Backing Up Your Tags
Once you've built the utility, you can run it with:
./BackupRestoreTags -api-key="<your-api-key>" -backup="<regex-to-match-tag-names>"

The <regex-to-match-tag-names> allows you to match on and back up only those tag names that match the regular expression.

You'll find that the tool creates a new directory in the current working directory named for the date you ran the back-up. This allows you to create multiple snapshots to which you can later restore from. Tag data is very small, typically a few KB per tag for the largest tags.

Example 1: Backup All Tags
./BackupRestoreTags -api-key="<your-api-key>" -backup=".*"

Example 2: Backup Tags Starting With "dev"
./BackupRestoreTags -api-key="<your-api-key>" -backup="^dev"

Example 3: Backup A Specific Tag
./BackupRestoreTags -api-key="<your-api-key>" -backup="^WiFi Access$" 

Restoring a Tag
To restore a tag, you specify the file name containing the tag data you wish to restore:
./BackupRestoreTags -api-key="<your-api-key>" -restore="<filename>" 

Example: Restore a tag named "WiFi Access"
./BackupRestoreTags -api-key="<your-api-key>" -restore="tagBackup-2016-01-05T16:02:36_MST/WiFi Access.jcback"

If a tag you're restoring already exists in JumpCloud, you'll need to rename or delete it to complete the restore, and the tool will indicate this in that case.

NOTE: If a tag to be restored is set to create a Linux group, the tag that creates that Linux group in your JumpCloud account must be deleted before you can restore it (the Linux group name cannot be renamed).

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2016 02:57PM MDT

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