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How to Enable Multifactor Authentication for Mac OS X

Important: Do not enable MFA for OS X if the system is already using or has configured another multifactor service or authentication plugin. Doing so could cause adverse results up to, and including being unable to access the system. 

While rolling out multi-factor authentication with most solutions is a long and painful process, JumpCloud makes it trivial for you and your users to enable multi-factor authentication on any server, at any time. And, you can use multi-factor immediately, or you can roll it out later, at your convenience.

Enabling Multifactor Authentication on a Mac through the Administrator Console

  1. Navigate to the Systems tab in the Administrator Portal

  2. Select the system details then choose to enable Multifactor Authentication  

    Mac MFA 24423 PMpngNote: If you want to force users to use multi-factor authentication, you should also disable Public Key Authentication.


Enabling Multifactor Authentication on a Mac for a User

  1. Navigate to

  2. In the Multifactor authentication section in the user portal scan the QR Code or enter the TOTP key using the Google Authenticator app  

  3. Once Multifactor authentication is successfully setup, enter two consecutive Tokens in the available fields and then select Submit


         4.  With both tokens successfully entered, your user is now ready to use Multifactor authentication                 to authenticate into their Mac machines.

LWScreenShot 2016-06-03 at 32117 PMpng

Multi-Factor Authentication for Macs | JumpCloud Tutorial


Last Updated: Jan 10, 2017 03:59PM MST

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