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Configuring JAMF Cloud to use JumpCloud's LDAP-as-a-Service

Prerequisites: Note: Where a setting and value aren't defined, use the default values.  Screenshots of all settings are appended to the bottom of the article. 
  1. Log in to jamfcloud, go to All Settings > System Settings > LDAP Servers
  2. Select New > Configure Manually > Next
    • ​​Display Name: Arbitrary
    • Directory Service: Configure Manually
    • Server and Port: ldap.jumpcloud.com 636
    • Enable Use SSL, Upload Certificate obtained in Prerequisites
    • Authentication Type: Simple
    • Distinguished Username and Password: LDAP Distinguished Name obtained in the Prerequisites and the account password; e.g.: uid=auser,ou=Users,o=YOUR_ORG_ID,dc=jumpcloud,dc=com
  3. Select the Mappings Tab > User Mappings
    • Object Class(es): inetOrgPerson
    • Search Base: The BaseDN obtained in the prerequisites; e.g.: ou=Users,o=YOUR_ORG_ID,dc=jumpcloud,dc=com
    • User ID: uid
    • Username: uid
    • Real Name: cn
    • Email Address: mail
    • User UUID: uidNumber
  4. Select User Group Mappings
    • Object Class(es): groupOfNames
    • Search Base: The BaseDN obtained in the prerequisites; e.g.: ou=Users,o=YOUR_ORG_ID,dc=jumpcloud,dc=com
    • Group ID: gidNumber
    • Group Name: cn
  5. Select User Group Membership Mappings
    • Member User Mapping: member
    • Enable 'Use distinguished name of member users when searching'
  6. Save your changes
  7. Testing
    • In this testing scenario, there is a user in the Org with the username 'auser' and belongs to a Tag called AllUsers.

Settings screenshots


Last Updated: Apr 07, 2017 12:02PM MDT

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